I was my own teacher and pupil, and thanks to the efforts of both, they were not discontented with each other.
–Andres Segovia

While Fred’s specialty is classical guitar, he loves, plays, and teaches all styles of the instrument, including rock, blues, country, and jazz. His students represent a wide range of playing ability and experience, and he has had great success with young people, complete beginners, and players interested in returning to the guitar. Lessons are structured to fit each student’s individual interests and goals: music reading and theory, acoustic or electric, accompaniment and song writing. With Fred, music becomes personal, which makes learning rewarding and practice fun!

guitar lesson

Lessons are available at Fred’s Rockridge studio near the Oakland/Berkeley border, via Skype at a reduced rate, or in the comfort of your (the student’s) home.

The standard rate for an in-home 60 minute lesson is $50. Lessons are scheduled weekly with payment due at the start of each month. Groups and siblings can always been accommodated, as can individual budgetary and scheduling needs, please inquire.


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